Beach Information

General info and tips on how to enjoy the beach

Clifton Beach is maintained by the Clifton Park Trustees for use by Clifton Park property owners, certain members of the Clifton Club and Clifton Lagoon property owners. The Beach season is defined as the period from noon on Beach Cleanup Day through October 31st. During the season the beach will open at 10 am and will be vacated by midnight without exception.

The following rules apply to all persons using the Beach or Beach House. Guards are empowered to enforce these Rules.

2020-2021 Beach Rules (click here)

2020-2021 Tennis Court Rules (click here)

The Trustees, at their sole discretion, reserve the right to deny access to the Beach if Rules are abused. Unauthorized visitors will be treated as trespassers and will be asked to leave the Beach by the Guards or be the subject of a police report.

Questions about the rules may be directed to the Guards at 216-228-5131 or to the Trustees and/or Secretary using the “Contact Us” page.

Member usage Rules are available by contacting the Guards at 216-228-5131.