Clifton Park Administration

There are three groups of Members that can use the common property of the Clifton Park Trust.  Clifton Park Lot Owners, the Clifton Club Members, and the Clifton Lagoon Lot Owners. Currently about 203 families live in the Park, the Clifton Club has about 224 members and there are about 35 Lagoon households. Read More

Pre-Development History

The first private owners of Clifton Park were Connecticut real estate investors. On April 4, 1807, a syndicate of nine named investors purchased the newly surveyed Township 7, Range 14 in the Connecticut Western Reserve, which included the present-day suburbs of Lakewood, Rocky River, Fairview Park.  Read More

Beach Information

Clifton Beach is maintained by the Clifton Park Trustees for use by Clifton Park property owners, certain members of the Clifton Club, and Clifton Lagoon property owners..  Read More